miercuri, 2 noiembrie 2011

Un nou virus de Messenger

Citesc cu .. haz despre un nou virus de mess. Una din chestiile hazlii este ca la noi a inceput sa ia amploare abia la o luna dupa ce vesticii deja il raportau.

O alta chestie hazlie este faptul ca virusul e relativ destept, este dintre cei care pot sa faca o conversatie simplista (desi nici asta nu e nou).

Pentru cei care nu stiu: nu dati click aiurea pe linkuri in mess daca nu l-ati cerut si nu sunteti FOARTE siguri ca e pe bune.

Pentru ceilalti, delectati-va cu "discutia" intre virus si o persoana:

[Spammer]: hey u around?
[Me]: Sorry, no.
[Spammer]: did you hear about Steve Jobs?
[Me]: Yep.
[Spammer]: Yeah supposedly apple is giving away 5000 macbooks today in honor of him.
[Me]: Really? Why 5000?
[Spammer]: I just signed up for mine here: h**p://yah************ and there are only 945 remaining.
[Me]: Not likely. Spam. Thanks for trying, though. I guess that counts as something..
[Spammer]: ?
[Spammer]: no?
[Me]: No? No what?
[Spammer]: Let me know if you get one too
[Me]: I won't get one. Sorry.
[Me]: Who is this?
[Spammer]: ohhh sorry. my name is catherine, i think we once talked a couple of months ago :P
[Me]: Strange that you would pop up and try to talk to me all of a sudden.
[Me]: And that your "name" doesn't even match the IM name of the person that actually has this email.
[Me]: Stop trying to pose as other people to lure their friends into spam, okay?? It's annoying. And it's wrong. Leave me alone.
[Spammer]: no problem! BYE!


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